As a life coach and career counselor, I worked with women about their relationships with money. Maybe, I thought, some of my concerns about money were ones that were holding others back, and by taking a public stand on my philanthropy, I could encourage others to do the same.

By announcing my gift, I was able to have a larger impact. While it meant breaking family taboo, it allowed me to step into my own power in ways I didn’t expect.

My gift:
I made my BIG + BOLD pledge to the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio. Its mission is to transform the lives of women and girls by mobilizing the collective power and passion of all women working together.

Carol Andreae


The case for gender equality is a matter of common sense. The more we invest in women and girls, the more they invest back into their
families and communities, propelling social and economic advancement. See more proof.



Will you go all in with us? Share why you want to advance women and girls and we’ll post it here.

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I'm going ALL IN FOR HER because:

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March 28, 2017