If someone asked me five years ago what it meant to give with a gender lens, I would have assumed it meant giving only to “women’s issues.” I used to focus my work and my giving more traditionally, more broadly. I wanted to help everyone. I’ve since come to understand that every issue is a women’s issue.

If we want to have an impact in health, education and poverty alleviation, we must integrate women and girls.

My gift:
In 1998 I founded the Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation. My BIG + BOLD gift came from my community and went to funding our organization’s work globally in health education and the alleviation of poverty.

Mary Tidlund


The case for gender equality is a matter of common sense. The more we invest in women and girls, the more they invest back into their
families and communities, propelling social and economic advancement. See more proof.



Will you go all in with us? Share why you want to advance women and girls and we’ll post it here.

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I'm going ALL IN FOR HER because:

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July 26, 2017