Anonymous financial support enabled me to have a transformational education at Smith College. I’ve always wanted to thank those donors in person and learn what motivated them to support women from India, but I understood their decision to give anonymously.

When I joined Women Moving Millions, I saw the value of activating my voice and influence for the issues I am passionate about. You can’t inspire others by being quiet.

My gift:
In 2010, I made my BIG + BOLD pledge in support of educating women to be leaders. Part of that gift went to Apne Aap whose mission is to increase choices for at-risk girls and women in order to ensure access to their rights.

Mona Sinha


The case for gender equality is a matter of common sense. The more we invest in women and girls, the more they invest back into their
families and communities, propelling social and economic advancement. See more proof.



Will you go all in with us? Share why you want to advance women and girls and we’ll post it here.

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I'm going ALL IN FOR HER because:

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